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Membrane (or rind)


Item Description

Item 420419044I was cleaning out a closet in the basement when I came across this thing that's kind of hard to explain. It looks like it was some kind of a membrane or rind or something that was used to cover something else. It's a sort of rubbery fiberous material and isn't shaped like anything in particular. It won't lay flat, so maybe it used to house something round.

Anyway, this could be used to wrap something in. I guess.

Shipping is $4.00

Good luck!

CategoryEverything Else:Hardware Supplies:General
Start8/26/00, 12:11:44 PST
End9/2/00, 12:11:44 PST
Starting price$2.86
High bid--
# of bids0


Imaginary Airplane


Item Description

Item 419351836On Thursday, August 17, 2000, I imagined an L-1011 Commercial Airplane. More specifically, it was an L1011-250 (the kind built between 1973 and 1983). Obviously, the "250" is part of the L1011-200 Tristar Variation.

What made this image that I conjured up really weird is that I imagined it as an Eastern Airlines Commercial Airliner, while currently only Delta uses the "250". I really can't decipher this apparent paradox. Eastern doesn't even exist anymore!

Well, I didn't say I could explain it. I'm just calling it like I saw it.

Anyway, I'd like to share this imaginary airplane with anyone interested, so good luck bidding.

Start8/24/00, 22:08:35 PST
End8/29/00, 22:08:35 PST
Starting price$0.53
High bid$1.03
# of bids1


Ridiculously Priced Ordinary Basketball Card


Item Description

Item 417232641Card: 1992 Front Row Dream Picks Gold Stacey Augmon (#11). This is a very common card (at least I think it is). There is also nothing particularly special about it. What makes this auction special is that I'm looking for an exorbitant amount of money for the card. The book value for this card is around 1-2 cents. What I'm asking is over 100,000% of this! Shipping is also an unnecessarily high $2.00.

Please help me collect far more than this card is worth.

Thanks and happy bidding!

CategorySports:Trading Cards:Basketball: NBA:Singles: 1991 - Date
Start8/22/00, 17:49:25 PST
End8/29/00, 17:49:25 PST
Starting price$12.50
High bid--
# of bids0


Really Bad CD - Various Artists


Item Description

Item 414684091I got this CD from somewhere - I forget where. It's some Halloween CD where a bunch of bands play supposedly Halloween-related songs. They pretty much all suck. It starts off with a Vincent-Price-like monologue which I guess is eerie and scary if you really close your eyes and are extremely gullible. But then there are a bunch of relatively lame songs. On most of them you can't even figure out what they're saying. Usually it's something about stuff that's supposed to be scary.

Shipping is $3.00. Enjoy, although personally, I wouldn't recommend bidding on this item.

CategoryBooks, Movies, Music:Music:CDs:Rock: Hard
Start8/19/00, 21:60:13 PST
End8/26/00, 21:60:13 PST
Starting price$4.00
High bid--
# of bids0


Beautiful Spatula Arrangement


Item Description

Item 414675632In a lovely vase, a dozen long-stem spatulas rise majestically in a spash of color and texture. The spatulas themselves are different brands.

A perfect arrangement for a mantle or diningroom table, these require no watering and will never wilt.

Due to the delicate nature of the product, it must be packaged and shipped very carefully, hence a substantial shipping fee of $12.00 must be added to the final total.

Good luck!!

CategoryEverything Else:Home Furnishings:Furnishings:Floral
Start8/19/00, 21:36:12 PST
End8/26/00, 21:36:12 PST
Starting price$1.78
High bid$1.78
# of bids1


Cat Ass Trophy


Item Description

Item 414670209Recently, one of my cats won a trophy for having the best behind. Unfortunately, my other cat got jealous so I must unload the trophy. That (other) cat came in fifth (but had points deducted for a misstep during the strutting portion of the competition).

The actual trophy itself is simply an unmarked wooden clothespin.

Oh, and the jealous cat peed all over it.

Good luck bidding!!!

Start8/19/00, 21:27:51 PST
End8/26/00, 21:27:51 PST
Starting price$2.15
High bid--
# of bids0

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