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Advertising Space On My Backyard Fence Item # 1629378299 Business, Office & Industrial:Retail:Signage
Quantity 1 
StartedAug-19-01 22:29:21 PDT
EndsAug-26-01 22:29:21 PDT
Starting price$21.58
High bid--
# of bids0
What I'm selling here is advertising space on my backyard fence. The fence is in six-foot sections but signage could span posts.

The fence looks directly on to my back yard and can be seen from three other back yards and my front yard (depending on where you stand).

The sign would reach a heterogeneous audience of approximately six people in an average week. Demographics project a mixed-gender audience ranging in age from two-years-old (next-door neighbor) to sixty-three years old (the couple two houses down).

You can purchase advertising in one-month blocks for up to six months.

Other terms and conditions:

  • Buyer is responsible for creating all artwork and physical signage.
  • Buyer is responsible for delivery of signage.
  • I reserve the right to approve or reject displays based on content, design, or whims of fancy.
  • Viewership numbers and demographics are projected but in no way guaranteed.
  • Payment by check, cash, or trade of spices and fine furs.

Best of Luck and Get the word out!!

Gargantuan Stick Item # 1256272513 Home & Garden:Garden Items:Plants, Seeds:Trees
Quantity 1 
StartedJul-16-01 22:58:54 PDT
EndsJul-23-01 22:58:54 PDT
Starting price$3.08
High bid--
# of bids0
This is a really really big stick. It's not quite a branch, but it's significantly more than a twig. It's mostly straight with some knobs on it. Toward the end (depending which way you hold it), it curves slightly to the left (or right or up or down, also depending which way you hold it). It came from a tree in my yard. It's wooden.

Shipping is $8.11

Dinner with a guy named "Dave" Item # 1253334294 Tickets & Travel:Tickets, Experiences:General
Quantity 1 
StartedJul-06-01 23:04:04 PDT
EndsJul-13-01 23:04:04 PDT
Starting price$6.00
High bid--
# of bids0
The winner of this auction will have the opportunity to have dinner with a friend of mine named "Dave". The money raised from this auction will go to a charity agreed upon by the auction winner and Dave.

About Dave:

  • I've known Dave for oh, probably about 12 years.
  • We play softball on a couple of teams and afterwards sometimes get a bite to eat at The Ground Round.
  • He lives right near where I work (which is a coincidence because I knew him before getting the job!)
  • Dave is pretty easy-going.
  • He sometimes complains about sports-talk-radio personalities but generally is quite pleasant.
  • Dave's nickname is "The Rabbi" but he's not really a Rabbi (that I know of). It's a long story how the name came about. He might share that with you when you go to dinner.


  • Winner must pay for dinner plus the final bid price of the auction.
  • Payments may be made by cash or check.
  • Any additional fees incurred (e.g. travel) are the responsibility of the auction winner.
  • Dinner is to take place somewhere local to Dave (specific location is up to auction winner)
  • The length of the dinner engagement will be determined by Dave.
  • Additional guests are welcome if approved by Dave
  • Dave may, at his discretion, bring one or more guests


  • I'm not sure if Dave knows yet about this. I haven't mentioned it to him as of the start of the auction.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll greatly enjoy an evening with "Dave"!

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this auction:
email from eBay:my reply:their reply:
Dear eBay user,

eBay appreciates the fact that you chose to list your auction(s): 1253334294 Dinner with a guy named Dave

eBay does not allow listings that are intended as jokes or items that are not for sale. Therefore, we have ended the auction (s) early and credited all fees to your account.

Tia A. (, eBay Inc

Hi. This was absolutely serious - this auction was emailed to a number of friends of Dave & I and the intent is to raise money for charity. Please reconsider allowing this auction to be placed.Thank you for writing eBay.

Your auction, Dinner with a guy named Dave, Item #1253334294 contained the following information:


which is prohibited on eBay. Auctions on eBay must be for legitimate items or services.

Regards, Rolf

The number 50.2 Item # 1612649703 Everything Else:Educational:General
Quantity 1 
StartedJun-29-01 18:55:13 PDT
EndsJul-06-01 18:55:13 PDT
Starting price$5.02
High bid--
# of bids0
I am currently the owner of the number 50.2 (fifty and two-tenths or "fifty point two"). Through some mathematical procedures, I've been able to produce a second copy of it. I am selling this here on eBay.

I have found many uses for this over the years. For example, someone once asked me what "half of 100.4" was. Another time, I was asked to lend someone $50.20.

The number "50.2" is central to many facets of life. For example:

  • The distance from home plate to the pitchers mound on a baseball diamond is just 10.3 feet more.
  • The American Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopovo) has an average body temperature of 103°F. Just think how close this is to exactly twice 50.2!
  • How many years are there in just slightly more than a half-century? You guessed it!
  • Of course, the number 50.2 has unlimited potential in the field of education.

I could go on, but you get the point.

I am offering this number as one entity (i.e. I'm not offering the number "one" 50.2 times) Also, this number is presented "as is". It is the buyer's responsibility to convert it to metric, Celcius, or French.

Shipping is free (obviously). Good luck bidding!

Almost a pencil sharpener Item # 1611404352 Business, Office & Industrial:Office Supplies:Desk Accessories
Quantity 1 
StartedJun-27-01 16:26:51 PDT
EndsJul-04-01 16:26:51 PDT
Starting price$6.75
High bid--
# of bids0
This item is basically a pencil sharpener. There are a few differences however.
  • One is that you can pull up the top and put staples in it.
  • A second difference is that when you put papers under it and squish it really hard, it staples them.
  • The final difference is that it WILL NOT sharpen pencils. There isn't even a hole to put pencils in.

Anyway, if you have an office or a home that is lacking in this area, this auction just might be for you. Shipping is $3.50. Personal checks, please.

Good Luck!!

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